Expert Witness

BV Real Estate can act as an expert witness in court, their role is to provide an impartial opinion on specific aspects of matters within their expertise that are in dispute. They are not an advocate for either party but rather an advisor to the judge, providing independent expert opinions based on their knowledge and experience in the field of real estate.

The expert witness is appointed and instructed by one of the parties involved in the case. They are expected to provide an unbiased opinion and present their findings in a report that will be seen by both sides and the court. The report should address the relevant facts and provide insights into how a reasonable professional would have acted in the given circumstances. 

The expert witness must have acquired special knowledge through study or experience in the subject matter at issue. They should be qualified with special knowledge, skill, training, and experience in the field of real estate. Their opinion is based on information they have personally observed, or information provided by others. For example, they may analyse evidence such as property valuations, market trends, or industry standards to form their expert opinion. 

An expert witness should provide their opinion based on their expertise and the instructions they are given, rather than favouring one side or the other. The court relies on expert witnesses to provide valuable insights and assist in reaching a fair and right judgment.

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