Probate Valuation

A Probate involves the legal procedure for managing the affairs of a deceased person and the distribution of their assets in terms of their Will or in accordance with the rules of intestacy in the event that there is no Will.  In order to obtain the necessary authority required to deal with a deceased person’s assets and execute the distribution thereof, the approval from a High Court is required. This approval is given in the form of a Grant and serves as official permission to administer the deceased estate and allocate the assets in accordance with the applicable laws and instructions provided.

BV Real Estate are suitably qualified to complete a probate valuation of all asset types to assist with this process.

We will ascertain the market value of the property/asset type as of the date of death. This is formulated by analysing comparable transactions around the date of death and compare and contrast same to the subject property.

We understand that the probate procedure can be challenging. To alleviate some of the stress, BV Real Estate can conduct the probate valuation for you and then through our property management service, help formulate a strategic plan for the property based on your goals. Such an approach could include completing the valuation report, managing the letting of property and possible selling of the property.

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