Succession Planning

Understanding the value of your business is not only essential for succession planning but also for making informed decisions regarding its future growth and potential sale.

Business valuation provide clarity and ensure that all stakeholders are treated fairly. It is important that an effective succession plan is well-structured, communicated and followed strategically. 

Valuations provide clarity on the worth of your business.

By understanding where the value of your business lies, you can approach your succession strategically.

Offering an opportunity to increase your business value before your exit.

Starting your business succession early is important to enable you to build your business in a strategic matter and ensure it is worth when you are ready to exit. It will so help in achieving retirement goals and providing for your family after you have gone.

Where a business value is derived from the efforts of key employees and these employees walk away when the business owner retires, much of the value is gone. This can be avoided by taking this factor into consideration with a carful succession plan.

With a comprehensive evaluation you will have the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding succession.

BV Real Estate Valuers are experienced and one of our Auctioneers will be delighted to meet you to discuss and provide you with a realistic Succession Valuation.

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