Property Sales & Lettings

Providing a proactive results approach in sale & lettings of properties. BV Real Estate have ongoing success in sale & letting of properties in following segments industrial units, warehouses, office space, retail units, land, business trading properties such as bars, restaurants , filling stations and residential portfolios including family homes.

Property Asset Management

Diligent management of properties on behalf of private clients, financial institutions and corporate clients. The company have established an excellent network team to assist in complete management and maintenance of properties. Our services allow our clients to delegate the management of property to reliable team that can ensure it’s maintained and managed locally in focus approach.

Property Valuations

Preparing Valuation reports and assisting in arbitration reviews. BV Real Estate can provide detailed Property Valuations for clients. Mainly Due to our proactive activity on Local property market we have accurate valuation indicators predominately from comparative method of valuations within Galway City and county area. Our detailed knowledge, qualifications, assistance of network chartered surveyors and expertise supports our ability carry out accurate property valuations.

Property Insolvency Disposal Services

Assisting financial institutions and insolvency practitioners in property insolvency disposals. Our proactive and motivated approach results in dedicated results orientation for financial institutions and insolvency practitioners that require immediate results in property insolvency disposal.