As well as offering a residential and commercial sales and lettings service, here at BV Real Estate we also offer both a residential, as well as commercial property valuations service, resulting in extensive and fully comprehensive valuation reports as well as assistance in the area of arbitration reviews.

Why should you use us for your property valuations?

As a prominent and leading full service commercial property agency, we have a fully in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the property market across Ireland with agents based nationwide.

In addition, our detailed market knowledge, our expertise, our significant property industry experience, and our access to a strong network of Chartered Surveyors all combine to fully support our ability to carry out accurate property valuations.

What is a valuers’ role?

A valuer’s job is to consider the use of the properties that are physically possible, reasonably probable, legal or likely to become so and that would result in the highest value of the subject properties at the date of valuation, this is done by.

  • Reviewing the Zoning of an area
  • Reviewing the planning history of a property
  • Identifying the most suitable valuation method that is to be used to help formulate an opinion of market value of the property.
  • Methods such a comparative method would include an assessment of market value through analysis of prices obtained from sales of properties similar to the subject property followed by adjustments of the values to take account of differences between the comparable properties and the subject properties. Such considerations may include an analysis of their uses, locations, building characteristics, size, overall condition, distance from the subject properties, date and circumstances surrounding the transactions and quantum.
  • If a business was to be valued a profits method of valuation may be adopted that would include calculating the average earnings of a business having consideration for interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) from the trading figures and capitalising same by using a multiplier which would be identified following our analysis of the sales of similar trading assets.
  • Valuing investments or properties that are producing an rental income may include investigating the rent currently being generating and the financial capability (strength of covenant) of the tenant paying same and likely hood of the rent increasing, decreasing or staying the same at the next point that the rent can be reviewed and capitalising the current income and estimated rental value by identifying current market yields for the investment type and adjusting the yield to reflect the various circumstances that are applicable to the investment etc.

A complete range of valuation services

Whatever your valuation challenge, BV Real Estate draws on 20 years’ collective experience to assist with:

Residential Valuations

From starter homes to high-end residences, our residential property department values all types of residential property.

Commercial Valuations

These cover all forms of commercial property including offices, retail, industrial, investment and more.

Country Estates and Agriculture

Whether you need to resolve issues around tax, land transfer, or probate, we can value all agricultural assets. These range from houses, lands and outbuildings to forestry, machinery and livestock.

Probate Valuations

We can provide comprehensive valuations on a deceased’s estate and, if required, advise on the best way to progress with an estate’s assets.

Succession Planning

We have experience in valuing assets for succession and transfer purposes and also for the HSE Fair Deal Scheme.

Shareholder Buyouts

If shareholders are offloading their interests in a business, we can provide full valuations of all the business’s assets.

Expert Witness Valuations

From time to time, property disputes lead to court cases. Our valuers can act as expert witnesses, providing asset valuations of the highest standard.

Business Sales/Mergers

Our Business Vision division offers valuations on all types of businesses. We also liaise with clients throughout the entire business sale or merger process.

Apportionment Valuations

BV Real Estate specialises in property valuation services for apportionment, ensuring accurate value distribution. Our expertise ensures informed decision-making and fair outcomes in property transactions.

Business Property Valuations / Trading Assets

BV Real Estate and its division, Business Vision, specialise in the sale and valuation of business properties, including trading assets. With over 20 years of experience, we use DCF and EBITDA to assess assets across various sectors in Ireland.

CPO | Compulsary Purchase Order Valuations

BV Real Estate understands the importance of compulsory purchase orders (CPO) in determining property value and compensation claims for acquisitions by government or authorized entities.

Family Law | Valuations

A property valuation is crucial for achieving a fair settlement in separation, divorce, or gifting scenarios. BV Real Estate provides accurate market value assessments for family law valuations, useful in court proceedings, and can act as an independent expert or represent one party in a dispute.

Property Valuations for Company Financial Statements

Property valuation surveys are crucial for financial reporting, providing insights into a company’s market value, risks, and investment opportunities. Accurate valuations ensure transparent financial pictures for stakeholders.

Property Valuations for Financial Planning

BV Real Estate can assess the current net worth of your property to help you make informed financial decisions. Whether for residential, commercial, investment properties, or land, knowing your property’s market value is crucial when considering downsizing, upgrading, or consulting with your bank.

Property Valuations for HSE Fair Deal Purposes

Valuation for HSE Fair Deal purposes involves a financial assessment of your income and assets to provide support for nursing home care.

Property Valuations for Tax Purposes

BV Real Estate provides realistic property valuations for tax purposes, including Local Property Tax (LPT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Valuations for Trading Businesses with Property Assets

BV Real Estate specialises in valuing properties crucial to trading enterprises like hotels, filling stations, and nursing homes. With a deep understanding of these sectors, we offer customized valuation services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Retrospective or Historic Property Valuations

BV Real Estate offers retrospective property valuations to assess a property’s historical worth for estate planning, tax assessments, and legal purposes. With a team well-versed in market dynamics and historical trends, we provide accurate valuations tailored to your specific needs.